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Take a well-deserved break & come visit us at Winding Hills Golf Club for a relaxing round of golf with your buddies!

Please keep in mind the following guidelines: 

– We will be walking only for a limited time.

– We encourage all golfers to book & pay online for their tee times.

We are also encouraging golfers to please take the proper safety precautions, and wear a mask and gloves while playing- 

Winding Hills will not be providing gloves or masks, please bring your own.

All sales will be made through the Pro-Shop window as we are not allowing guests inside, except to use the facilities.

We are limiting access to our restrooms, asking one guest per restroom at a time.

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Concerning COVID-19 & Golfer Safety

As of today, Friday, April 3rd, Winding Hills Golf Course is still on track to open Monday, April 13th.

We are asking all golfers to please either call ahead to book a tee time, or book one online prior to arriving at the course. With that being said, we will accept walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis, but we URGE you to schedule your tee time with at least a full day’s notice.

We are also encouraging golfers to please take the proper safety precautions, and wear a mask and gloves while playing- Winding Hills will not be providing gloves or masks, please bring your own.

All sales will be made through the Pro-Shop window as we are not allowing guests inside, except to use the facilities. We are limiting access to our restrooms, asking one guest per restroom at a time.

Additionally, we are opening our Course for WALKING ONLY; no golf cart use will be permitted. Our Pro-Shop window will still be open for the purchase of prepackaged beverages and snacks.

Finally, we want all our patrons to know that we care very much about your safety and health. Please be sure that you are following all regulations and procedures put forth by the CDC. We will be doing our very best to keep the course clean, sanitized, and ready for play. In return, we ask that you do your part to help keep it that way.

Concerning COVID-19 & Golfer Safety:

In light of COVID-19, we are taking action to provide you with the safest environment possible at Winding Hills. We are currently still planning on opening our course Monday, April 13, 2020.

In the event that social distancing standards are still in place at that time, Winding Hills will be enacting the following practices when it comes to golf play:

  1.  Absolutely No Food will be offered on-site.
  2. No ball washers.
  3. No rakes in any of the bunkers, so played preferred lies (our maintenance crew will rake them every morning).
  4. Tee Times will be more spaced out.
  5. No one will be able to enter the golf shop.
  6. Members must still check in by the Pro Shop window and make tee times like usual, by phone or online.
  7. Members and guests may call ahead and pay for merchandise, balls, gloves, hats, clubs, etc.
  8. 2 carts per foursome (max) with a single rider most likely required in each cart.
  9. Social distancing required at all times.
  10. Flag Poles will be sanitized after use.
  11. Carts will be sanitized after every use.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our Staff & Patrons. We will continue to undertake the precautions and execute the best practices recommended by public health experts. Click HERE for the CDC’s recommended steps to prevent illness.

We send our best wishes to all individuals and communities that have been impacted by the virus.

Additionally, we are closely following the news & will take all recommended precautions during this time. We will keep you updated via email & social media pages as the situation evolves.

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Source: GoflDigest

As a former world long-drive champion, I often hear from regular golfers that they’ll never come close to being able to swing like me. Not true. You can. If you copy even a little of my technique, the ball is going to come off the face of your driver hotter than ever. Try these things the next time you’re on the range. 
By Justin James —with Ron Kaspriske


If you just stood on a scale, it would give you your body weight. But if you push down, that number will go up. When I make a backswing, I’m loading more than 100 percent of my body weight into my trail leg (right leg for righties). So really push into the ground with your trail leg as you take the club back. It will help you create and store a lot of energy.


As you swing back, it’s OK if your lead heel comes off the ground. That’s going to help you make a bigger backswing—especially if you’re not that flexible. You’ll really load up on your right side.


Feel like someone standing behind your back is grabbing a belt loop near your right hip pocket and pulling it toward him. In other words, sink into that right hip as you swing back, which will keep you from swaying away from the target.


To start your downswing, replant your left heel if you let it come off the ground. I mean really plant it. Try to leave an indentation in the turf. You’re using the ground to create energy for more swing speed. Also, let your left hip shift toward the target. This bump allows you to stay behind the ball with your upper body so you can apply all your weight to the strike.


I don’t think about pulling the handle of the driver down toward the ball, and I don’t think about releasing the club, either. Instead, I get the sensation I’m throwing a fastball with my right hand. It probably comes from my time as a minor-league pitcher. This feel will really boost your speed down into the ball.


You want your club moving its fastest as it meets the ball. To make that happen, get the right shoulder facing the target as you finish the swing. It’s got to keep moving. As long as my lower body leads in the downswing, this turn helps blast the ball way down the fairway.

JUSTIN JAMES, 29, 6-foot-1, 215 pounds, won the 2017 World Long Drive Championship. He plays a Krank Formula X Snapper driver (48 inches, 3.5 degrees of loft). He hit a 435-yard drive to win the championship.

Link to article: Click HERE


6-9 PM

Relax & enjoy the beautiful Summer season at Winding Hills Golf Club with Friday Night on the Patio! Enjoy live local music, ice-cold drinks, & creative food by James Devaney.



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